Alt-protein project LIKE-A-PRO gets €13.9M funding for EU

Alt-protein project LIKE-A-PRO gets €13.9M funding for EU

From Flowfood we are so proud to be part of LIKE-A-PRO, a 13.9€M EU-funded project to make promising alternative proteins and products mainstream.

To make a protein dietary shift possible, the food industry must focus on diversifying the alternative protein sources and developing new appealing products, this way meeting consumer demands in terms of wider choice and product quality. This is precisely the main goal of LIKE-A-PRO project, which aims to facilitate sustainable and healthy diets by mainstreaming alternative proteins and products, making them more available, accessible, and acceptable to all population groups (from children to elderly, vulnerable groups) and everywhere (across Europe, in urban, peri-urban, and rural areas). This will be done via development of 16 new alternative protein products with ingredients from 7 novel and optimized protein sources.  

 We are looking forward to start collaborating with all our European partners! Let’s speed up the protein shift! 

LIKE-A-PRO Project Receives €13.9M from EU to Make Alt Proteins Mainstream – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine 

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Production -/ Application Manager

Production -/ Application Manager Flowfood

Flowfood is a Norwegian based company established in 2016. We are developing and producing plant-based alternatives to meat and fish using plant proteins from fababeans and yellow peas.

We are scaling the company and have increased activity on sales, production, operations and R&D. R&D and production of products is a main focus area for the company and in addition to the increased activity we will also increase our investment in new products, research and development.

We are therefore looking for a new team member that can help us in our quest for the best plant-based products in the market.


Production & Application manager

Location: Trondheim & Levanger, Norway

Deadline: 01.08.2022

We are looking for you who have experience with plant-based food production and product development work. We want you to be solution-oriented, creative and self-motivated, and strengthen the existing team to meet our common goals.

Your role will be to implement new products into the production facility, secure value chain of ingredients, guidance and leadership to the production team to ensure all food products are manufactured in compliance with quality, legal and food safety standards. You will work closely with our product developer, head of factory and quality department. You play a key role in scaling our products in a precise manner.

Our Office with small test-kitchen are located in Trondheim and the factory is located in Levanger, 50minutes by train or car. The position is divided between the factory and offices. You will also expect to travel to different pilot-plants and innovation centers to perform new processing projects.

Key tasks will be:

  • Coordinate and implement products from «kitchen counter» prototypes to full-scale production
  • Ensure the consistency and correct quality of finished products.
  • Support, train and develop the production staff to increase flexibility and deepen knowledge and skills.
  • Identify opportunities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Provide guidance by communicating information for product improvements and / or cost-saving measures.
  • Carry out assessment of problematic product problems and work as part of a team to solve the technical problems in production.
  • Prepare and present technical reports / results, both written and oral to colleagues and management.

Desired candidate profile:

  • Experience with the food industry and factory work
  • Experience with the production of plant-based products
  • Experience/knowledge about functionality with plant proteins.
  • You must be able to work according to plan and efficiently
  • Must be fluent in English, both written and speech
  • Bachlor el. master’s degree in food technology or food processing

We offer:

  • An exciting job in a good working environment.
  • Good development opportunities and a varied working day
  • Competitive conditions.

More information about the position can be obtained by emailing the general manager of Flowfood, Richard Nystad –


Flowfood joins the GreenPlantFood Project 

Flowfood joins the GreenPlantFood Project

GreenPlantFood aims to contribute to restructuring the farm to fork food systems in Norway towards a greener and more sustainable value chain. We all have heard that an increased consumption of plant-based food has positive effects on both health and the environment, but it’s early days yet and there is a strong need to boost knowledge on suitable plant materials and find and develop better green technologies to transform Norwegian raw materials such as legumes and grains into tasty, attractive and healthy products with low environmental footprint.  

We are very proud to announce that Flowfood is collaborating with the research project GreenPlantFood funded by The Research Council of Norway and led by Nofima.  

Nurturing our mission

We are willing to continue nurturing our mission, to positively contribute to the community and the planet we live in, making plant-based food more common in every home by producing tasty, nutrient rich products, that are environmentally-friendly and promote the growth of the local economy. We are one step closer to our goal by joining GreenPlantFood! 

Sustainable transition

Pulses together with cereals represent a high-quality protein source, being excellent candidates for replacement of animal protein. Field peas, fava beans, oats and barley are adapted to cooler temperatures and are protein crops for the northern hemispheres.  New varieties must also be tested for growth in Norwegian climate and their suitability in food production which includes good nutritional profiles and functional properties.  

As the human population continues to grow, the big question is how will we feed 10 billion people by 2050? As a fact, 75% of agricultural land is used for raising and feeding livestock which only provides 1/3 of the global protein supply. The transition of diets from meat-based to plant-based products drastically reduces land and water use requirements and improves the carbon footprint of the food production process. Therefore, plant-based meat analogues can play a big role in slowing down global warming and help to sustain a healthier planet for future generations.  

The European Consumer Survey on plant-based foods has revealed enormous potential growth opportunities for developing and launching new plant-based products. But first, the food industry must face some key barriers, firstly the limited variety of plant-based products available on the market, secondly the value-for-money factor and last the sensory experience. Plant-based products currently on the market tend to fail in delivering the right texture or taste compared to traditional meat products. Thus, GreenPlantFood will play a major role in addressing those questions 

Developing healthy and sustainable food solutions

The project will increase innovation and diversity of plant food products and thereby increase consumer willingness to buy those products and it will also promote the dissemination of knowledge and diffusion of technology. Moreover, this project will also promote value creation in the Norwegian food system, supporting Norwegian farmers and food industries to tailor raw materials and fractions, and to develop healthy and sustainable food solutions attractive to the consumers. More specifically, Flowfood will contribute by developing new and improved plant-based meat analogues (i.e. burgers, mince, meatballs, strips, chunks) based on Norwegian ingredients by implementing the use of extrusion technologies such as LME and HME to mimic texture and mouthfeel of meat products. We will be working side by side with several research institutions (NMBU, NIBIO, NORSUS) and industrial partners (Lantmannen Cerealia, AM Nutrition, Hoff, Norgesmøllene and Mills) to obtain the best possible outcomes.  



  • GreenPlantFood Project 
  • The Good Food Institute;   
  • Cereals Food World, Vol. 64, No. 5; Sustainability Impacts of Pulses in Meat-Analogue Food Products  
  • The European Consumer Survey on Plant-based Foods 2020

Gratis digitalt kurs

Digitalt kurs med Richard Nystad fra Flowfood

Dato: onsdag 10.03.2021
Tid: 10.00 – 11.30 / 18.00 – 19.00

I sammenheng med vår lansering på ASKO storshusholding med Flowfood arrangerer vi gratis inspirasjonskurs om plantebasert Mat. Kurset holdes av Richard Nystad og varer i 90 minutter. Det blir presentasjon om plantebasert mat, livekokkelering og god tid til spørsmål.

For å delta må du skrive fullt navn og epost. Etter du har registert deg. Får du tilsendt en invitasjon til et TEAMS-møte på epost. Enkelt.

Kurset passer for de fleste som nysgjerrig på med plantebasert mat. Men er rettet mot mat og serveringsbransjen.

Mer info om produkter?


Samarbeid eller vareprøver?

Jeg har lang fartstid innenfor plantebasert mat og bistår deg gjerne med ideer til meny eller produktutvikling eller holder inspriasjonskurs for dine ansatte enten fysisk eller digitalt.


Send meg en mail på


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Flowfood + ASKO

Flowfood lanserer plantebasert kjøttdeig og burger i ASKO

Vår plantebaserte burger er et unikt produkt som kombinerer smak og tekstur som du kjenner igjen fra kjøtt, men der mange andre aktører bruker planteprotein fra soya for å skape tekstur bruker vi planteprotein fra åkerbønner og erter. Produktet er også glutenfritt og 100% plantebasert.

Vår plantebaserte kjøttdeig er bygd på samme teknologiplattform som vår burger, men har en mildere smak som gjør det utmerket i enkle hverdagsretter som lasagne, pasta bolognese, pizza og taco. Du kan også forme denne til burger og boller med egen smakstilsetning, her er det bare kreativiteten som setter en stopper for et mer plantebasert kosthold.

Samarbeid eller vareprøver?

Jeg har lang fartstid innenfor plantebasert mat og bistår deg gjerne med ideer til meny eller produktutvikling, eller holder inspirasjonskurs for dine ansatte enten fysisk eller digitalt.

Send meg en epost

Hornebergvegen 97038

Flowfood lanserer i COOP butikker

Flowfood lanserer plantebasert kjøttdeig og burger i COOP butikker

Flowfood lanserer 2 av sine produkter i Coop-kjeden. 2021 blir et spennende år for start-up bedriften som holder til i Trondheim.

«Vårt mål er å gi forbrukerne plantebaserte produkter uten gluten og soya. De norskproduserte produkter inneholder blant annet åkerbønner og erter som proteinkilde. Vi vil nomalisere plantebasert mat i de norske hjem» sier daglig leder Richard Nystad

Begge produktene er laget for mannen i gata og vi håper dette gjør det enklere for mange å teste et litt mer plantebasert kosthold. 

Produktene kommer for salg  fra 22.02.2021 i COOP EXTRA, COOP OBS og COOP MEGA.  



Flowburger i grillsortimentet til GodtLevert!

GodtLevert + Flowfood

Nå finner vår plantebaserte burger laget av åkerbønner og erter på grillsortimentet til GodtLevert! Dette er en add-on for deg som vil ha en digg og bærekraftig burger til grillings i sommer.

Da får du servert Flowburger med ananas- og koriandersalsa, kålsalat og timian- og hvitløkspoteter.

Flowfood på!

Flowfood på!

Nå finner du alle våre produkter på Bor du i Oslo-området kan du klikke hjem både burger, nuggets, mince og boller! Smakfulle, plantebaserte produkter laget av åkerbønner og erter – disse produktene bare må du smake. har laget to oppskrifter du kan prøve ut. Vegetarragu med MINCE og indisk wraps med NUGGETS. Trykk på bildet under for å komme til oppskrift!

Smak på Norges varemesse

Smak på Norges varemesse

Første uken i mars var vi på Smak 2020 på Norges varemesse i Lillestrøm.
Vi delte ut smaksprøver på nyheter fra Flowfood, og produktene falt i smak hos alle. Det er vi kjempefornøyd med!

Vi koste oss veldig, og syns det er hyggelig at så mange kom innom oss for å hilse på og for å smake på deilige nyheter fra Flowfood.