Alt-protein project LIKE-A-PRO gets €13.9M funding for EU

From Flowfood we are so proud to be part of LIKE-A-PRO, a 13.9€M EU-funded project to make promising alternative proteins and products mainstream.

To make a protein dietary shift possible, the food industry must focus on diversifying the alternative protein sources and developing new appealing products, this way meeting consumer demands in terms of wider choice and product quality. This is precisely the main goal of LIKE-A-PRO project, which aims to facilitate sustainable and healthy diets by mainstreaming alternative proteins and products, making them more available, accessible, and acceptable to all population groups (from children to elderly, vulnerable groups) and everywhere (across Europe, in urban, peri-urban, and rural areas). This will be done via development of 16 new alternative protein products with ingredients from 7 novel and optimized protein sources.  

 We are looking forward to start collaborating with all our European partners! Let’s speed up the protein shift! 

LIKE-A-PRO Project Receives €13.9M from EU to Make Alt Proteins Mainstream – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine 

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